Civitas Therapeutics
To highlight the unique attributes of the technology, Civitas renamed all the AIR platform ARCUS® to reflect the platform's precision of an arrow combined with the effortless transport of a cloud. Civitas' mission is to leverage the ARCUS® technology along with this deep reservoir of assets and resources to improve the lives of patients with breakthrough therapies.
CIVITAS THERAPEUTICS is developing breakthrough therapies that transcend the historic limits of respiratory drug delivery with the therapeutic platform. The clinically validated ARCUS® technology uniquely enables respiratory delivery of a large, precise dose with a simple, convenient, breath activated device as demonstrated by Civitas' lead program.
CVT-301, CIVITAS’ LEAD PROGRAM, is being developed as an on-demand (PRN) therapy for intermittent, debilitating and unpredictable OFF episodes associated with Parkinson’s disease. With CVT-301, patients will be able to treat their OFF episodes as their symptoms begin to emerge with a simple inhalation, dramatically improving control of their symptoms and allowing them to lead more productive and independent lives.
CIVITAS’ HEADQUARTERS IN CHELSEA, MA include a ninety thousand square foot research and manufacturing facility that was custom built and operated for the GMP commercial-scale production of ARCUS® dry powder therapeutics. The company is applying the highly differentiated and clinically validated ARCUS® platform, along with the commercial ready scale up infrastructure, to accelerate bringing important new therapies to patients.  
CIVITAS IS FOCUSED on building a robust pipeline of inhaled therapeutics with the ARCUS® dry powder pulmonary delivery platform which is protected by more than 130 issued patents. In addition to the lead program, CVT-301 for treating Parkinson’s disease, other programs encompass respiratory disease, central nervous system disorders and infectious disease. The Company is financed by leading investors including Alkermes plc, Bay City Capital, Canaan Partners, Fountain Healthcare Partners, Longitude Capital and RA Capital.
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