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To highlight the unique attributes of the technology, Civitas renamed all the AIR platform ARCUS® to reflect the platform's precision of an arrow combined with the effortless transport of a cloud. Civitas' mission is to leverage the ARCUS® technology along with this deep reservoir of assets and resources to improve the lives of patients with breakthrough therapies.
CIVITAS THERAPEUTICS is a biopharmaceutical company developing and commercializing transformative therapeutics using its proprietary ARCUS® technology. ARCUS® technology allows for the consistent and precise delivery of large quantities of drug per inhalation in a simple, patient-friendly, breath-actuated inhaler. The technology delivers a consistent dose to the lung every time across a wide range of patient inhalation flow rates. The technology has been used to successfully deliver more than one million doses to patients in clinical trials. The technology is protected by a robust patent portfolio which covers, among other things, important aspects of the formulated drug product, the inhaler, the method of delivery of drug and the manufacturing processes for CVT-301.
CVT-301, CIVITAS’ LEAD PROGRAM, is being developed as a self-administered, adjunctive, as needed, inhaled L-dopa therapy for OFF episodes, providing rapid delivery of L-dopa to the brain to be used in conjunction with a Parkinson’s disease patient’s individually optimized oral L-dopa regimen. We have completed a Phase 2b clinical trial for CVT-301 demonstrating the ability to rapidly and predictably treat OFF episodes as they occur.
CIVITAS’ HEADQUARTERS IN CHELSEA, MA includes a ninety thousand square foot manufacturing facility that was built specifically for the commercial-scale manufacture of dry powder ARCUS®-based products. The company is applying the highly differentiated and clinically validated ARCUS® platform, along with the commercial ready scale up infrastructure, to develop important new therapies for patients.
CIVITAS IS FOCUSED on leveraging our validated technology and approach to advance additional ARCUS®-based products into clinical development. Our primary focus is on proven drugs wherein inhaled delivery from a simple, patient-friendly device in potentially large doses results in a product that uniquely addresses an unmet clinical need. Disorders of the central nervous system may be addressed by ARCUS® products with the delivery of active agents to the central nervous system with rapid onset and reduced systemic exposure. Treatment of pulmonary disorders is also a natural fit for the ARCUS® technology due to its ability to deliver therapy directly to the intended target.
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